5 Key Reasons Why Great Copywriting Will Always Be Your Most Important Business Skill

Published: 20th September 2005
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Joanne Mason


Ask any successful business owner what is the most important business skill that an aspiring entrepreneur or Internet marketer can possess and I'll bet you'll hear one resounding answer over and over again.

Copywriting. Copywriting. Copywriting.

The ability to write winning ads and sales letters is your greatest business asset.

Nothing converts browsers into eager buyers like great copywriting.

In fact, copywriting has even been called "salesmanship in print."

In this article, I'll share with you five key reasons why copywriting is widely regarded as your most important business skill.

1. Great Copywriting builds a trusting relationship with your target market. Your ultimate goal in business should be to form a lasting relationship with your customers or clients. In order to build a trusting relationship with your customers it's vital that you make your target audience feel comfortable. Great copywriting quickly sets your prospects at ease. You immediately show them that you are someone that they can trust. The bond of trust that you create could potentially be rewarded with repeat sales for years to come.

2. Great Copywriting reveals your keen understanding of your target market. One sure sign of great copywriting is the ability to closely identify with your target market and clearly express your concern for their needs and desires. Before selling anything, you need to reassure your prospects that you are well acquainted with their needs and have answers to offer them. Communicate through your writing that you don't just have products to sell but solutions to their problems. By becoming a true problem solver instead of just another salesman you'll never lack eager customers who are willing and ready to do business with you.

3. Great Copywriting grabs your readers' attention and refuses to let them go until they read every single word. The best way to capture your prospects' attention is by starting your ad or sales letter with a strong, benefit-packed headline. It's a proven fact that a great headline can actually increase the responsiveness of your ad or sales letter by up 1700%! Use your headline to immediately tell your prospective customer the number one benefit that he/she will gain from your product. Reveal every possible benefit so customers will be anxious to buy from you. Offer benefits that give you the edge over your competition and keep readers glued to your sales copy until they read every word.

4. Great Copywriting demands immediate action from every potential customer. Great copywriting helps your prospects to see that they really need to purchase your product or service right away because it truly is the solution to their problems. It gives people a compelling reason to buy from you. Paint a picture for your readers of exactly what they'll miss if they don't purchase your product then contrast it to how much better life will be after purchasing your product or service. First explain the problems that will continue to exist for them, how much money will they lose, or the type of frustration will they continue to endure without your product or service. Then describe the peace, happiness, savings, sense of accomplishment or relief they will experience after investing in your products or services.

5. Great Copywriting stands the test of time.

Ever notice how so many examples of great as and sales letters were written, literally in many cases, over a hundred years ago. The works of master copywriters such as Claude C. Hopkins ("Scientific Advertising"), Robert Collier ("Million Dollar Sales Letters") and Wallace D. Wattles ("The Science of Getting Rich") have stood the test of time. Many of today's copywriters have modeled themselves after these geniuses because they've shown us that great copywriting always stands the test of time. Why? The reason why is as simple as understanding human nature. Great copywriting always appeals to the needs and desires of a chosen group of people. Despite all the technological advances over the past 100 years, humans basically have not changed. We all want to be loved, we want to be successful, we want to be healthy and we want to make more money. The legends of copywriting that I listed above understood this and appealed to those desires and their works are now considered examples of great copywriting.

After reading this article I hope you've gained more information and insight into why copywriting is your most critical business skill. Brush up on your copywriting and see how quickly you start turning your ads and sales letters into your personal sales machines.

Joanne Mason is a professional marketing consultant who lives in Virginia Beach, VA. Her latest product, the Ultimate Copywriting Collection, offers the Internet's best copywriting and marketing resources to help you improve your copywriting skills and boost your sales. Available now at


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